Suresh Kumar C.K ( IRM3833 )


Basic Details

  • Name :
    Suresh Kumar C.K
    Age :
    41 years
  • Height :
    5ft 9in
    Weight :
    64 kg
  • Mother Tongue :
    Physically challenged :
  • Any health issues :
  • Complexion :
    Wheatish Medium
    Body type :
    Not Available
  • Eating Habits :
    Drinking :
  • Blood Group :
    Not Available
    Smoking :
  • Registering for :
    Referenced By :
  • Birth Place :
    Birth Time :
    1:20 PM
  • Other Known Languages :
    Hobby :
  • Marital Status :

Children Details

About Me

  • myself is : am grew up in middle class, nuclear family. I have two sis. who married. now my maa only with me. Father no more. he was rtd. govt. employer. mother house wife. unfortunately my first marriage was ended in six moths of marriage (I will tell briefly). now am working at Film Industry. (my contact : zero nine two zero six six six nine two seven nine). my goal is I become a DIRECTOR in Indian movie industry, I studied Direction course and I got Degree. so I started my career asst.dir in kannada movies (2 years). now am associate dir. I hope in 2018 my first direction kannada movie will lanch. but my mother forced me to get another marriage.

Religious Information

  • Religion :
    Caste :
    Adi Dravida
  • Sub-sect :
    Division :
  • Sub Caste :
    Star :
    Does not matter
  • Manglik :
    Gothra :
    dont know
  • Rasi Chart (Horoscope) :
    Rasi :
    Does not matter
  • Order of Birth :
    Lagnam :
    dont know
  • Dasa balance in Birth :
    dont know
    Other detail:

Location Information

  • Country :
    Residence Status :
  • State :
    City :

Qualification / Profession Information

  • Qualification:
    Sr. Associate
  • Employed in:
    Not Available
    Occupation :
  • Additional Qualification:
    Job :
    entertainment professonal
  • Salary:
    Rs. 40,000 - Rs.45,000
    Job Location :
  • Annual Income:
    Rs. 17,00,000

Family Details

  • Family Type :
    Family Status :
  • Father Name :
    k. Karpaiah
    Mother Name :
  • Father Occupation :
    passed away
    Mother Occupation :
    house wife
  • Father Annual Income:
    Mother Annual Income :
  • Father Living Status:
    Mother Living Status :
  • No. of Brothers :
    No. of Sisters :
  • Elder Brothers :
    No Elder brother
    Elder Sisters :
    One Elder sister
  • Married Elder Brothers :
    Married Younger Sisters :
    One married younger sister
  • Married Elder Brothers :
    Married Elder Sisters :
    One married elder sister
  • Unmarried Elder Brothers :
    Unmarried Elder Sisters :
  • Younger Brothers :
    No Younger brother
    Younger Sisters :
    One Younger sister
  • Married Younger Brothers :
    Married Younger Sisters :
    One married younger sister
  • Unmarried Younger Brothers :
    Unmarried Younger Sisters :
  • Origin –
    [Native Place] :
    chamarajanagar, Karnataka district
  • About My Family :

Basic Preferences

  • Looking For :
    Age Preference :
    30 to 39 years
  • Expectations :
    Not Available
    Height Preference :
    4ft 0in to 5ft 0in
  • Mother Tongue :
    Body Type :
  • Food Habit :
    Smoking :
  • Drinking :
    Complexion :
  • Acceptance with kids :
  • Acceptance with or without issues :
    Acceptance for Physically Challenged person:
  • Anything to Specify Column :

Religious Preferences

  • Religion :
    Caste :
    Adi Dravida
  • Partner Sub-sect :
    Star :
  • Manglik :

Qualification / Profession Preferences

  • Qualification :
    Any UG, Any PG
    Designation :
  • Annual Income :
    Not Available
    Occupation :
  • Employed in :
    Partner Job :

Location Preferences

  • Country :
    City :
  • State :
    Residency Status :

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