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The Challenge

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Remarriage is a challenging task where rich experience is required to judge the needs of individuals. Their taste for life and ability to adjust with the life partner. A marriage of handsome male with a beautiful female do not guarantee a successful married life. But matching of their nature may achieve the desired result.

If you are searching for a second chance to enter the divine world of married life, welcome to promoted by Vasantham Marriage Service. A trusted name since 1987.  And achieved more than 12,000 remarriages.

The Motivator
Mr. Vasanth
Print Media

I hardly remember his face but I have to carry on with the ceremonial offerings on his death anniversary every year, says 88-year-old Lakshmi, who was married when she was just eight years old and became a widow a year later.

She had to suppress her desires and feelings with her parents and brothers forming a fence around her. The kitchen was her world. This is not a single case as there are many like her who blame it on their fate and live in the shadow of their loved ones.

But women today are educated and are financially independent. Society may talk vociferously about women's progress and remarriage, but ground reality is different. Many families still hesitate when it comes to getting their widowed daughters married again but not so in the case of their sons.

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Share Thy Feelings

There is nothing more cruel than the loneliness in this world... Man or woman, whatever their age, they need someone to share their feelings, asserts Vasanth. More >>

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